Maya Wilson
3 Modules

Course Description

The Learning Mindset Journey : Nurturing a Growth Mindset

Skills you'll gain:  Foster a learning mindset, adapt continuously, think critically, and communicate effectively.

1 Week program | There are 3 modules in this course | Enroll for free.

Module Description

Our first week, “Learning Mindsets Explained” will look closely at the outline of what Learning Mindsets are and how to identify them in a learning environment.

Takes 35 minutes to complete  | Explained by: Jim Kwik

Youtube Video on Learning Mindset Video
Vimeo Video on: Next Wave by JIm Kwik
Computer video:Brain Expert Jim Kwik on Why Meta Learning Is the Most Important Skill
Developing a learning Mindset 1
Podcast: Building a learning mindset
Mindfulness Meditation Music
Presentation - Learning Mindset
Exercises to do.
Module Description

Our second week, “Adopting a Growth Mindset” will have us looking specifically at how Learning Mindsets are evaluated within educational environments.

Takes 40 minutes to complete this module.

Video: Adopting a Growth Mindset
How to develope a growth mindset
Presentation - Adopting a Growth Mindset
The Simple Games To Improve Your COmmunication SKills.
Module Description

Our third week, “Continuous Learning and Unlearning” will have us looking specifically at how Learning Mindsets are talked about within learning cultures. What needs to unlearn. Learning Mindsets & Skills is as much an ongoing cultural conversation as it is a set of skills.

Takes 60 minutes to complete this course.

Learn to Learn Faster from Jim Kwik
Reading 1
Reading 2
Podcast on How to be continuous at Learning
Learn to "Continuous Learning and Unlearning"
Exercise to do.

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